Sunday, April 17, 2005

Taint Misbehavin'

Drew's weekend link round-up — installment one of one.
  1. The Number of 'Fucks' in "Deadwood" — or, Do You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth, Pardner?
  2. A Roshanda by Any Other Name — or, The Difference Between Sean and DeShawn (an interesting theory on Caucasian names and African-American names, courtesy of Mr. Valles
  3. Eureka! Extraordinary Discovery Unlocks Secrets of the Ancients — or, Why Being a a Classics Major Just Got More Complicated. (Or, alternately alternately, It Turns Out Sophocles' Lost Plays Were Lost for a Reason.)
  4. Preparing a Living Will — or, God Bless The Onion.
  5. What's out at the Cereal Box: searching for "Moesko Island." What's in: searching for info on "Melissa Duck" or "Shirley the Loon." (God, I love people who use the internet.)
  6. And click here to see a picture of the gayest gay that ever gayed.


  1. Very fun post, Drew.

    Were you a fan of "Mr. Show"? I ask becuase your post headline reminds me of a very funny sketch they did.

  2. Yes, in fact, I do like Mr. Show. And I'm almost positive I would have stolen this post title from the very sketch you're remembering. "Taint Your Wagon" would have been a good title, too.

    By the way, I noticed that Googling your blog name turns up this result. I couldn't imagine why. So sorry for that, taint association and all.