Saturday, April 02, 2005


Retroactively, I guess, I'd say my stereotype was an epileptic.

I have a noise echoing in my head. It sounds like a styrofoam block cracking in half. My mouth tastes like a nosebleed — you know, that vaguely acrid taste-smell you get in that region right after you get hit in the face with a ball? I'm still just a little twitchier than normal. Concentrating on anything seems really hard. In that sense, I feel slightly high. Typing strikes me as especially hard, so please forgive any typos I don't catch. When I talk, I repeat myself a little.

My head should hurt, it seems, but it doesn't. I can't even feel a lump where they tell me I hit it on the floor.

This will be an odd Saturday.


  1. spence texted me at 1:30am to call you because he was pretty sure you were dead, so it's good to read that you're obviously not.

  2. Anonymous8:39 PM

    You can really scare the hell out of me sometimes.