Sunday, April 24, 2005

Shoot Your Mouth If You Know Where You're Aiming

I've been listening to Beck's Guero almost exclusively since I bought it. Just as I predicted, the album that initially seemed foreign and strange and not so good quickly grew on me and I now heartily recommend it to anyone with even a passing affinity for Mr. Beck Hanson. Once you get past the hollow poppiness of the debut track's chorus, it's a solid album. Also, that shitty chorus is easily compensated by the similar but so-much-better chorus on "Rental Car."

Bonus trivia: According to Rolling Stone, the role of the Japanese waitress on my personal favorite track, "Hell Yes," is played by Christina Ricci.

Bonus bonus trivia: Apparently, the original title of Beck's "Devil's Haircut" was "Electric Music and the Summer People," which he later used for a track on his album Mutations.

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  1. i cannot stress enough what a god jenny lewis is.