Friday, April 01, 2005

The Season of SPF 45

Drew and fellow Nexites Dina, Lu and Lauren hopped in the Silver Bullet and motored up to Santa Maria to interview some of the loyal Michael Jackson supporters who stand outside the courthouse. It's for a five-part series I'd like to see called "Whacko for Jacko." A late start, faulty directions and a fundamental misunderstanding of Santa Maria courtroom proceedings, however, have relegated us to returning on Monday to witness the Moonwalk March — a parade protesting what I suppose is the injustice being done to Michael Jackson but what would actually seem to be the process of justice. He is, after all, still a free man — just a free man who has to spend the day at his trial. (Like he had anything else better to do.)

The absolute lowlight of the adventure would have to be each one of us getting cited for jaywalking. Do you know what this crime will cost you in Santa Maria? $125. No April Fool's joke, though I wish it were. A close second: hearing about the girls' sex lives discussed in a way that people usually reserve for, well, their blogs.


  1. FYI, I turned Sanam onto Yesterday's Faces Today. How do you think I would feel about Sin City? I'm contemplating seeing it on Sunday, so a prompt response will be appreciated.

  2. I'm glad you have found your writing momentum back. The 200 foot woman article is hilarious! Wonder where you've got the idea from.