Sunday, April 17, 2005

Scarecrow's Only Scaring Himself

Crashed at Roommate Meghan's because I had enough to drink that I didn't trust myself on the 101. Slept in little sister Ashley's bed and got the best night's sleep I've had in weeks. Realized that the futon has got to go. Chatted about the good old days of the Pasado House like we were forty already and referenced people like Jill and Moe and Nate and Taryn like they've been dead for a decade. Learned about the selfish gene and cowbird parasitism in the process.

I like Meghan. Not only is she the only other remaining member of Team Pasado left in the area, she's also a fellow recovering Catholic. We hit Cajun Kitchen and discussed some childhood realizations we both came upon at various points in our young lives.
  1. Everybody is not Catholic.
  2. Protestants are actually a majority.
  3. Protestants are not actually bad people.
  4. Most of the nationalities that are traditionally Catholic — Italian, Irish, Portuguese, Mexican, Filipino — are often considered among the "bad" immigrants that came to America, as opposed to the English, French and German Protestant types who, as I just discussed, are not necessarily bad people.
I just realized that for the last five years I've used the phrase "last quarter" to refer to my previous quarter at UCSB. Now, though, I've been using it to mean my last quarter — my last last quarter. And I guess I'll be using the phrase in that sense for the rest of my life.

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