Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Rara Stereotype

And, finally, here's an email I received from a girl who answered the question I hadn't realized I posed in the second paragraph of my column.
I read your article in the nexus and you rhetorically asked if anyone could think of a question which would have fulfilled all the party themes you mentioned. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader = RaRa Stereotype, funny twist on the cowboy theme, athlete, if you wear a blonde wig you could pass for barbie, you pick a specific cheerleader and you're a D list celebrity, and of course, there's those girls on Made who want to be cheerleaders.. now you'd have to be down with the whole cross dressing thing, but that is usually a crowd pleaser if a guy can pull it off... so ya... that's what I thought of while sitting in psych today... thought I'd share.

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