Friday, April 01, 2005

I Dong

The Nexus April Fool's issue turned out pretty nicely, I'd say. It's posted, but lamely only in PDF format. I'll probably post my articles — the lead story about a 200-foot woman marrying Storke Tower and another about the face of Christ popping up on Facebook — later this weekend. In the meantime, savor the wonderful photoshopping magic of our coverpage:

Please note that Ms. Kugelstein-Storke's bouquet is a handful of uprooted palm trees. Is it just me, or does the blushing bride resemble Maya Rudolph? I'm especially proud at the return of some of my parody article mainstays: Pervis Leftarm, Teresa Kugelstein and Keith O'Keefe.

EDIT: I finally snagged the text a few days later. It's posted in "A Special Moment in One Giant Woman's Life."

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