Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hail to the Orange Kid

And here's the photodocumentation from the last half of Saturday: Megan and Drew do the fair.

"Yoyo" minus one "yo" equals, apparently, "yo." (Therefore, "yo" equals two?)

— Hi, son! I won you this toy!
— Wah! It's horrifying?
— No it's not! It's jolly!
— Wah! I hate it!
— No! Silly Snake wants to be your friend!
— I hate you! And I hate my new mommy! And I hate Silly Snake!

And then we saw my old roommate Jill at the fair. Apparently she works there now. Jill looks like shit. How ya doin' there Jill!

"Hey kids! Do lots of drugs if you want to be happy like me!"

In retrospect, I see that taking a picture of my first-ever funnel cake would have been a good idea.

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