Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Gnaborretni

This comes as a surprise.

I searched for "kidicarus222" and was surprised to find what would appear to be a formal proposal to add the inverted interrobang — otherwise known as the gnaborretni to UCS, the universal character set codes. And boy was I surprised to see that the document's author had sited me and my piddly little blog. Once the PDF opens, just CTRL+F my name and there I am. Random.
[ link: me, officially ]
And it's especially weird since I only posted that information a few weeks ago. Apprently, I'm not the only one thinking about obscure punctuation.
[ link: the original post, "The Etymology Round-Up" ]
According to the document, the idea was put forth by Michael Everson, whose job title is listed as "fontographer." That has to be the coolest job I've ever heard of. Well, Mr. Michael Everson, fontographer, if you ever read this post, thanks for citing my blog. And please tell me if the gnaborretni proposal ever went through.


  1. i love your stuff..
    -random girl

  2. Well, thank you, random girl.