Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Dust of this Little Town

It's been bouncing around like a drunken Slinky bouncing down the steps of the Vatican.

Out with it, then, I always say.

Two stylistic writing devices I have absolutely no tolerance for are rhetorical questions and the use of italics to denote emphasis. I just wish I could come up with a good reason besides "I just don't like them." The rhetorical questions, I feel, are dumb because anything you could pose as an interrogative could just as easily be phrased in the declarative. I guess, then, it's a matter of being succinct. (Watch it, though, because I use a rhetorical question in my column tomorrow.) As for the emphatic italics, I think they're dumb just because the writing should be clear enough that the reader would know what to emphasize. Just sitting there, midsentence, I feel the italics treat the reader like he or she is too stupid to figure that out on their own.


  1. Should I finally get over my unwillingness to be the third person with my name on Nexus staff and go ahead and put my training to use? Sure, I use plenty of rhetorical questions and italics in my online writing, but I wouldn't put them in real articles. I was trained (twice) under Brendan and have a copy of Nexustentialism. That's gotta be worth something. Plus, all my name-competition is graduating.

  2. omg, new reporters are so weird! especially that one with the orange sunglasses...i'm not so sure about her.

    next time i bring my camera, i'll take a picture with you!

    please don't graduate, drew, I will miss you so much :(