Monday, April 18, 2005

Conversations With Sanam

In order to protect Sanam's ability to be employed, her screenname has been digitally altered.

zanampitri: I just got your message
zanampitri: like, a half hour ago
zanampitri: I'm assuming you left it yesterday, yes?
kidicarus222: yep
kidicarus222: way to break my heart, sanny
zanampitri: it's not me! I swear! it's my phone!
zanampitri: my phone HATES you
kidicarus222: i guess i can't blame you for having a faulty phone
zanampitri: yes!
zanampitri: omg I'm in such a weird mood
zanampitri: I keep typing all these really odd things to you, then deleting them because I realize that if I act this way, you'll totally freak and totally stop considering me normal
zanampitri: or whatever you consider me now
kidicarus222: you're not normal
kidicarus222: you're sanam
kidicarus222: you're from marin
zanampitri: omg you are
kidicarus222: all your friends have weirdo names
zanampitri: what does marin have to do with it?
kidicarus222: weird city, usa
zanampitri: chuh, NOT
zanampitri: compared to hollister?
zanampitri: holl? is? ter?
zanampitri: marin is like Everytown, USA
kidicarus222: "oh my god, you guys! let's all be best friends from childhood and then go to college together and live our whole lives together with our supercool marin hivemind"
zanampitri: you can be self-loathing without hating your childhood.
zanampitri: you wish you were in the cult.
zanampitri: renaming yourself LeDrewSha and signing the pact with your blood
kidicarus222: droux
kidicarus222: drough
kidicarus222: dru with an umlaut
kidicarus222: over the r
zanampitri: derioux
zanampitri: mhahchey
kidicarus222: exactly
kidicarus222: hey, you're not just using me as a morgan lite, are you?

1 comment:

  1. she totally was.

    (using you)

    (and slowly replacing me :( )