Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Broken-Head Follies

My brain is processing things more easily and more quickly. I'll assume that the retardity I suffered after my much talked-about headbonk on Friday has passed, to now be remembered only by the people attending Geo's stereotype party, the people Spencer called and the people who read this journal. I have to wonder, though, if my regained clarity is a result of my brain having returned back to normal or if the sudden contact of the floor permanently changed it — Scrambled Gray Matter on the breakfast platter, please — and I have simply adapted to life with my new brain.

I looked it up. Like I thought, there's no verb for "concussion." "Discussion" shortens to "discuss," but there's no such word as "concuss." As in, "Dude, you concussed pretty badly there. How's your head feel?" There's an adjective, "concussive," but not "concussy," which I like better because it sounds dirty.

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