Thursday, April 28, 2005

"The Blob Got Me, Lisa. Don't Touch Me or It'll Get You Too."

Jesus. I'm linking to Sanam's picture of Holly's friend Nick's arm. It is encrusted with the venom of a poison oak monster. Jesus Jesus Jesus. Tell Sanam I say hi.
[ link: yellow blob monster of horrible ]
Or, if you like, you can just look at my smaller, ganked version of the image below. But know that the big version is so much better. And by "better," I mean "worse."

Remember that paper on "Kublai Kahn" that I started at, like, two in the morning? Yeah, that got a big, fat A. I re-read it and I actually think the grade might be deserved. Oh, and I guess I'm going to Coachella this weekend. Wish me sunscreen.

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