Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Adventures of Constance Crunch

Readership for this blog has doubled. Kinda. Since I put up the "Ring"-related post titled "Moesko Island," I have had about thirty people a day popping onto my blog. They're using all manner of search engines to do it, but they're all searching for "moesko island" or "moesko island ring" or "moesko island samara." (The most frequently appearing one, however, is some foreign gibberish called Seznam.) Some people are trying stuff like "samara sadako" and I'm getting hits for that, too. I have no idea why that many people care about this movie or a fictional lighthouse island featured in it, but at least some of them are staying and reading stuff once they get here.

Other interesting referrals to the Back of the Cereal Box:
People have also been clicking links on the following websites:
  • (under "locals")
  • Kathy's blog
  • Josh's blog
  • Stinkstankstunk (a girl from Ontario who likes socks and is allergic to carrots and celery)
  • Super Mop (a very confusing blog that has been sending me a lot of traffic, though I can't find the link anywhere)
  • Ex-Mormon (another blog where I can't find the link but nonetheless seems to be sending me a lot of traffic)

1 comment:

  1. I'm a little disappointed not to get anything that exciting. Mostly I just get people searching for porn or Arabic literature. I did get a google search for "feathered pornstar" recently, but that's usually about as good as it gets.
    Maybe I just talk dirty too often.