Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Razor-Sharp Women

I can't believe I nearly forgot about this.

While I was in D.C., I had the best idea for a movie. No. Scratch that. I had the best idea for a movie poster.

Picture this: careful handpainting, the likes of which movie posters haven't seen since the 70s, depicts an exploding car. Leaping from the burning wreckage — in effect, towards whoever is viewing the poster — is a beautiful woman with red hair. She's wearing a red bikini and she's clutching a knife in her teeth. From the look on her face, you know she means business. In the background, we see the rest of her gang. All beautiful women, each in different poses. Some are karate chopping, some hoisting bags of money, some posing seductively with firearms. One of them — at least — has to be depicted precisely at the moment when she fires a bullet into the chest of some faceless male character. Spatters of blood frame the entire scene.

At the top of the poster, above this collage of female violence, the text reads, "It's the time of the month... FOR CRIME!"

Below the scene, the name of the movie: "WOMEN'S TROUBLES."

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