Friday, March 11, 2005

The Extracurricular Activties of the Damned

I just finished my ninth paper this quarter, meaning I'm finally free to be a real person. I didn't get to do the topic I wanted, though. I had planned to compare Pasolini's "cinema of repulsion" in his film "Salo" — which I've referred to in front of my friends in recent weeks as "the shit-eating movie" — with Argento's "orgy of blood" aesthetic in "Profondo Rosso" and "Tenebre." Unfortunately, "Salo" didn't come in time — fuck you, — and I had to do my paper only on the frequency of non-Italian protagonists in Argento's giallo slasher films. It sucked. But at least I got to use a cool title:

"Welcome to Italy! Prepare to Die!" — Non-Italian Protagonists in the Slasher Films of Dario Argento"

Well, I thought it was cool.

(i like how i celebrate being done with writing by writing.)

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