Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Dog Killed the Bastard in L.A.

Although I never didn't realize it right away, this journal can serve as a way from people to get to know me. Someone who's only met me a few times could Google my name, find this and read all these little bits that I've decided to post. They wouldn't know me well, but they'd get an idea of what kind of person I am.

As anyone who reads this often enough know, I write pretty often. What even loyal readers might not know is that I doodle compulsively. In any given lecture, I prbably spend about half the time I'm sitting there drawing pointless little scribbles, many of which I eventually scribble out. I'd like to believe that I'm still absorbing some of what the professor is saying while I'm drawing. Honestly if I was just sitting there I'd be get bored, think about sex and get none of it. Geo even tells me that there's some evidence that shows this actually works.

My notebook is full of pictures and half-done pictures and ruined pictures and strange ideas that I didn't follow through. I'll recycle the thing at the end of the quarter, so I figured I'd take some snapshots of some of the ones I liked. They're not great, but they amuse me. If nothing esle, they might give you a better idea about what kind of person I am.

And then there this one. I like this last one a lot. I did it in a particularly boring History 4A lecture a while ago. I think I'd like to make a painting out of it some time. If it ever comes together, I'll name the painting "Why I Didn't Learn Shit About the Hitties."

Also, since this is the only one I'm actually proud of, you can click on it to see a big version as well.

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  1. wow i feel special, your artful depictions of me in my slut hat AND my sexy boyfriend made it in the journal...