Monday, February 14, 2005

The Swing

Apparently, I love the Underdog Girl.

So I'm discussing death with Geo over IM, because it's Valentine's Day and, well, yes. And I'm explaining the origin of my cute little synonym for "dead" — "Cici Cooper." As in, "Julia Child is totally Cici Cooper" or "Didn't you hear that Arthur Miller went Cici Cooper?"

I don't really use it much. It makes me sound stupid, I think. But I explained to Geo anyway that me and a friend saw "Scream 2" back when it came out in the theaters and we both felt oddly troubled when Sarah Michelle Gellar's character got tossed out a window and went splat on the pavement outside her sorority house. The character only appears in two scenes and I didn't watch "Buffy" when I saw "Scream 2." For whatever reason, her death lingered a bit, even though I can't remember discussing it much.

Anyway, two years later, I'm hanging out with the same guy and someone told us that this friend-of-a-friend that we kinda-sorta knew had died. And my friend and I are a little stunned and don't know what to say until he finally comes out with "Wow. He Cici Coopered." And it's in bad taste because. This real person is dead from a car accident and he brings up this stupid girl from a slasher movie. But we started laughing, even though both of us were sad.

So I explain this to Geo and I realize that I always feel bad when the underdog girl dies. In the first "Scream," I was pissed that Tatum gets crunched in a garage door. And I felt bad for Jenny McCarthy's character in "Scream 3" when she dies. And then every other scary movie. And then every other movie and TV show and book. I always felt like Margot would was secretly interesting and that we just didn't know it because Anne's the one who chose to write the diary. I could give a shit about Catwoman. I'll take Poison Ivy. And if I have the choice, I'll pick Birdo over Princess Peach — and hasn't she been in enough games anyway? — I hate the lead girl. I always have. If there's more than one female character in anything, I always like her better and fall a little more in love with her and resent that she's not better developed.

I can remember when Kat told me about "Antigoteen." I was so pissed that when I read "Atigone" and found that Sophocles totally gave Ismene the shaft. She's the sister. She wants to help. She's a good person, but Atigone has this bratty martyr complex and steals the spotlight and in the end we never even find out what happens to Ismene. And then Kat made me all angry again when she told me that "Antigoteen" has no Ismene analogue. I can understand, since the original play doesn't give Ismene much to make her memorable, but still.

It's just another blow for the Underdog Girl. On this lonesome Valentine's evening, I'd just like to send my love to the second fiddle, whoever that might be.


  1. How sweet you are!

  2. I just want to go ahead and say that I got your back on this one.