Saturday, December 18, 2004

White-Faced Woman No. Two

Kat and I braved the Hollister movie theater and caught the late showing of “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Not bad, but something I can’t put my finger on kept it from truly succeeding. I maintain that it had potential — wonderful, Burtonesque potential especially evidence by the last third.

I’m almost tempted to read some of the Lemony Snicket books. They’re dark and morbid and, as near as I can tell, full of snakes and leeches and exactly the kind of stuff I was always drawn to as a kid, even though most kiddie fare avoided it.

Easily, however, I would recommend this movie for its ending credits. Seriously, if you have eight bucks to spare and would rather not watch Jim Carrey ham-and-cheese it up for ninety minutes, sneak in late and watch the ending credits. They rock. They’re like a creepy-cool Smashing Pumpkins video done with animated paper cutouts and set to the kind of airy-mellow Thomas Newman that sounds like every other Thomas Newman score. Kat and I both decided that we wishes we still got high so we could come back and watch them again.


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    What I didn't like about it is that it was too episodic, and then at the end it was like, "oh, and here's the plot."
    --from sanam's random friend morgan

  2. Yeah, I gotta agree. I read the movie was based on the first three books in the series, but I think that I might have guessed that had I not known. My date said her big gripe was that the ending was an emotional resolution but not a plot-related one, which would make sense if they're planning to make a sequal. It's like a prologue to the next movie, in the lamest possible way.

    But come on -- did you see the ending creidts?!

    (not a lunatic)

  3. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I did not catch the credits -- my boyfriend wanted to stay for them but I have issues with movie theatres. I prefer to be in them for as little time as possible, especially after a blah movie. I don't really see it as a prologue, because there's really nowhere else for them to go plot-wise, except to find more horrible places to live while escaping from Jim Carrey and learning over and over again that their parents liked to explore. I've already been seen that movie, thanks.

    Also, the kids were horrible actors.

    (not buying it)