Wednesday, December 22, 2004


courtandspark86: hey
kidicarus222: hey?
courtandspark86: amber?
courtandspark86: HELLOOO why didn't you meet me?
courtandspark86: amber
courtandspark86: answer me you freak
courtandspark86: i waited for you for like 2 hours!
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: not amber
courtandspark86: omgg sorry who is this?
kidicarus222: drew
courtandspark86: sorry im going crazy
kidicarus222: who is this?
courtandspark86: amber is a loser for your reference haha
courtandspark86: this is christa
kidicarus222: hi
kidicarus222: how did you get my screenname?
courtandspark86: sorry about that
courtandspark86: i totally thought you were christa
courtandspark86: i mean amber
courtandspark86: wow
courtandspark86: i neeed sleep
kidicarus222: do we know each other or what?
courtandspark86: ooh i know what did
courtandspark86: i was looking through blogs
courtandspark86: and i must have clicked on your aim
kidicarus222: must have been it
courtandspark86: sorry!!
courtandspark86: well ill leave you alone
courtandspark86: bye

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