Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hot Pocket of Hate

I think I've just committed the biggest act of academic hubris yet in my short life: I used myself as a source in my research paper. I asked Tricia and she said it would be okay — even common among certain fields of study. So I went ahead and parenthetically cited the Florida hurricane article I wrote for Traveler back in October.

I see my name a lot, but there's some special spark in seeing it squeezed nice and tight between a pair of parentheses. It's nearly sexual.

Stats for my UCDC research paper, "“Keeping Up Appearances: The Fight to Restore a Disaster-Stricken Tourist Destination’s Appeal”
  • Pages written: 19
  • Pages left to be written: minimum of one
  • Total words written: 5,541
  • Number of times I used the word "travel": 148
It's 11:59 and I'm blogging when I should be powering through the last of this shitbag paper. Tomorrow, will be my last day working for the National Geographic Society. I should be concerned, I suppose, but instead I'm sitting, lost in the oddest mix CD I've ever heard.

Sometimes I burn CDs and I don't have enough tracks so I just stick something random onto the end. It's efficient. Lulwa, the creator of this music mosaic, seems to have extended that concept to an entire random album that has so far included "These Are a Few of My Favorite Things," the Spice Girls, Shakira, the Strokes, the Buggles and a mix of hip hop and boy bands that I honestly couldn't identify if I tried. And yet oddly, it's intriguing.

Lulwa: one; predictability: zero.

(i'm afraid shakira will make me write the final page of my paper in as scrambled an order as she speaks english)

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