Saturday, December 25, 2004


My cousin is seriously considering auditioning for the next season of "The Apprentice." What's scarier: I could actually see her being on the show. My dad wants me to find out how to apply for the next "Amazing Race." I just like that the popularity of reality shows have made them a viable option for people's lives.

I haven't really cared about the whole "Real World"-"Road Rules" universe since I applied to write a story for the paper last year — and, you know, I totally didn't even care and it still kind of sucks when they didn't want me. Ahem. But I've been inexplicably drawn to the latest "Real World"-"Road Rules" challenge between the Real Worlders and the Road Rulers. I can't stop watching. I don't even know who most of these kids are anymore, but I just keep watching. (I blame Jet Blue — I saw it on the flight out of Washington.) But it occurred to me that once you're one of these shows, you've got it made. You just keep going back for reunion shows and challenges with different shows. Pretty soon, you're whole life revolves around the casting decisions of the madmen at Bunim-Murray. You'd spare any personal development for the cameras. You'd become a TV character. We'd watch you date, eat, live, age and gradually devolve into the likes of Eric from "Real World" season one. Yikes.

Maybe I'm happy that MTV finds me undesirable. But if they wanted me and I ran with it, at least then I'd be able to count on semi-annual, televised reunions with all my friends.

("real world"-"road rules" challenge is a bitch to punctuate in AP style.)

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