Friday, December 17, 2004

Buck, Butch and Buzz

Allegedly, "Meli Kalikimaka" is the thing to say. I heard the song playing in Target yesterday and it annoyed me. You see, I've recently learned that "Meli Kalikimaka" amounts to Hawaiian gibberish. It's just how "Merry Christmas" translates into the limited Hawaiian alphabet. The process changes R to L and S to K and inserts vowels between every syllable. Honest. Swear to Pele the volcano goddess. It's Polynesian Spanglish. It's el trucke.

I suppose it would have been naive of me to think the native Hawaiians had an actual way of expressing yuletide greetings, but I never really thought about it before. Nevertheless, I'm as disappointed as when I learned where that white stuff on Californian Christmas windows came from.

I'm wishing I had a flock-free Christmas, but it's seventy degrees outside.

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