Tuesday, November 16, 2004


n8rs81: are you the one who told me about wilco?
n8rs81: cause i really like them
kidicarus222: no -- i can't get into wilco
kidicarus222: i know they're good but they just don't do it for me
n8rs81: huh?
kidicarus222: i try again every few months but they don't stick
n8rs81: well you know who i really like is the killers
n8rs81: have you gotten a chance to hear them
kidicarus222: i bought their album this summer, but i only halfway like them
kidicarus222: who i really like know is the scissor sisters
kidicarus222: they're awesome
kidicarus222: they're like if jamiroquai and beck had a baby and the baby was gay and raised by elton john
n8rs81: thats a super gay baby
kidicarus222: well, they're not that gay

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