Monday, November 29, 2004


  • Pages left to write for my research paper: eleven
  • Days left living in the UCDC center: four
  • Cost of flight from Dulles to Boston: about $25
  • Days in Boston: three
  • Days in New York: five
  • Number of girls named Jessica that Adam and I may mooch off while traveling: two
  • Amount of debt this trip has accumulated so far: twice what's in my bank account
  • Reliable sources I've spoken to for my Flores article: zero
  • Number of articles on Ebo Gogo I've read: seven
  • Episodes of "Arrested Development" aired last night: zero
  • Number of strangers who were unusually chatty with me this morning: three
  • Number of days until I'm back in California: thirteen
("do any of these figures even check out?" — drew's fleeting thought)

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