Thursday, November 18, 2004

KZMB — All Zombie, All the Time

Part of my internship involves writing up travel deals, some to places I'd like to go and some to shit-ass slice-of-Americana fuckbergs on the east coast that I'd rather didn't exist. An example from today: this hotel in Litchfield County, Connecticut that's offering a Christmas sleigh ride package. Puke. I hate it. But what I like is the name of the county: "Litchfield" literally translates to "field of bodies" or "corpse yard" or something like that. I think that should just officially change the whole area from Litchfield County to Zombiopolis — "where being dead won't stop you from enjoying life. Beautiful. Tranquil. Undead. Zombiopolis."

(i should do PR)

Oh, and I left a message today for a woman named Luke.
"Why aren't there more boys named lucy? That's what i want to know."
— Canada Sue

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