Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Year's Worth of Islands

"Diamondized." Adjective. A condition in which one's head is so congested with mucus that it retains the physical properties of a solidified mass, as in a diamond. [origin: 1996, “Earthbound.”]

I wonder if this journal, which can be so easily accessible via Google will ever hurt me professionally. I swear a bit, but I exclude too much of my personal life for it to be too much of a problem. I think. I guess I could just continue, but only post entries involving mature, well-thought our subject matter.

(and then i would never post anything again --- goatballs dicklicker purple monkey dishwasher)

We caught Nick Swardson at the Improv last night. You may know him as the roller-blading hustler on "Reno 911." Good stuff.

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