Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Weekend That Amnesia Forgot

I really feel like Jack Daniels and I need some distance between us. Not that he and I have ever been all that close — anybody who knows my drinking habbits knows that whiskey isn't my friend. But when he and I hang out, I always end up feeling just slightly steamrolled the next morning. Hence, I've accomplished nothing on this Saturday and I'm liking to be so overwhelmed with the prospect of cramming the productivity into Sunday that I will, again, accomplish nothing.

I'm home right now, in the UCDC apartment building that I swore I would spend as little time in as possible. It's drafty and air-conditioned and fluorescent-lighted and way more modern than I'm used to. I like my haunts to be just a little more lived in, just a little less Biosphere-y. Everyone's out and I decided my body and my wallet need a reprieve from bars so I'm on Adam's computer, though twenty minutes ago I was in the computer lab, where I was happily working — and listening to headphones — until I realized the other guys were talking about me. So I left.

I tried to do research — and failed — and tried to write a column for the Nexus — and failed at that too — and ended up on Friendster reading random messages from strangers I've been accumulating and not reading. I looked over my profile, which I wrote more than a year ago, and realized how gross and artificial and and and phony that goddamn bio made me feel and it kind of made me mad.

I was thinking about that when I got back to the room and decided to log back on and adjust my "Interested in Meeting People for" status to "Dating Men and Women" in addition to "Friends."

I know that must seem simple and obvious and tries and and and meaningless to anyone who knows me, but somehow that made me feel a little more honest, even if I don't have any real notions of using Friendster to supplement my dating life.

Big changes come through mouse-clicks at half past eleven on a Saturday night, alone, in an apartment building just off Dupont Circle.

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