Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Rex Kwan Do

AccidentalAngel1: hey drew
kidicarus222: hey val -- how are you? (and also, i'd like to talk but i'm finishing up at work so i'll be at my desk and away alot, so sorry in advance)
AccidentalAngel1: oh no worries... I just wanted to say "Hi"
AccidentalAngel1: see how you were doing
AccidentalAngel1: but I've been reading your journal (although that sounds kind of creepy), so I know most of the exciting stuff
AccidentalAngel1: it's entertaining
kidicarus222: thanks
kidicarus222: honestly, if anybody knows what's up with me it's because they heard about it from the journal
kidicarus222: i'm glad you like reading it -- i like writing it, but i like knowing that people read it even more
kidicarus222: what have you been up to?
AccidentalAngel1: working at the zoo full time, going out with people, trying to keep up with movies, reading
AccidentalAngel1: nothing too glamorous
kidicarus222: sb zoo?
AccidentalAngel1: yea
kidicarus222: cool -- doing what?
AccidentalAngel1: I graduated, but I'm still living here
kidicarus222: please tell me you're working with the anteater
AccidentalAngel1: well, she just had a baby
kidicarus222: no shit? i'd die to see a baby anteater!
kidicarus222: can you get a picture of it?
AccidentalAngel1: I have pictures of ours I could email you
AccidentalAngel1: yea we have a ton
AccidentalAngel1: it's a boy
AccidentalAngel1: although I already named it "little lafawnduh"
AccidentalAngel1: I saw your red panda picture on your journal
AccidentalAngel1: that was cool
kidicarus222: yeah, i never saw the ones in sb

Seriously, I think only Val and I can know how much it really took for me to get these pictures on here. I think this is the most adorable thing in the world, like if Alf and a skunk had a baby and it was the cutest thing since the purple snouted toad of India. And seriously, anybody who knows me knows that there's a very specific list of things I could talk about forever and that list includes anteaters.

So this is seriously one of the best things that has happened or ever will happen. Seriously.

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