Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I Like Huckleberries

I am feeling overshadowed.
Today Heather told me that when she started at the magazine, she was only twenty-two. On her second day there, she successfully pitched a story idea. Shortly thereafter, she became an editor. I am twenty-two now. On my second day at the office, I got lost trying to find the online production room. I wrote a short article for the website — not the magazine — at the end of my second week.
I am in need of a haircut.
But I'm scared to trust my scalp to some east coast maniac wielding sharp scissors.
I am looking for Lulwa.
Where the hell did that girl go, anyway?
I am digging the new Cake album.
Yes, Cake basically always sounds the same. Yes, the lead singer basically talks through all the band's songs. I don't care. I still like them.
I am reading Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins.
I've never read Tom Robbins before. So far, the first twenty pages detail a young Japanese farmgirl’s sexual relationship with a tanuki, a mythical Japanese badger-raccoon-spirit-trickster perhaps best known to Americans as one of Mario's transformations in Super Mario Bros. 3. Daniel recommended it. Let's hope he isn't a shithead. Later, Daniel tells me, the plot details the lives of MIAs from Vietnam who prefer to stay missing.
I am thinking about "I (Heart) Huckabees."
Well acted and unexpected. Thoroughly entertaining. And funny. But I never want to see it again because I'm worried that the philosophy it espouses will ultimately not hold up to careful examination and I will therefore lose respect for it.
I am protective about Naomi Watts.
I feel like I get to claim ownership of her since I wandered into "Mulholland Drive" so many years ago without a clue about the film or her and was blown away. I then watched her evolution from unknown to starlet, from fringe star to respected actress. And she made me laugh in "Huckabees" and I'm impressed that she can do comedy.
I am horny.
"Hi. I can't help notice that you expressed a passing attraction to the way I look. Since I see that we have interlocking parts, may I suggest that we go somewhere private and interlock?"
I am accessible.
I love how complete strangers can find a way to contact me with only a few mouse clicks. I love how it's happened five times this week. I love how none of them are shitheads — I think.

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