Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Filling a Gaping Cavity

A real-life email sent to Roommate Cory and Roommate Tristan regarding my housing situation come January:
hey guys. i'm wanting to post an ad on the ucsb housing website for the room for winter and spring. trouble is, i'm still not sure how much i'm paying for the room. you'd think i'd know that by now... but no. no indeed. if you guys could get back to me with whatever we decided the rent for four people was, i'd be eternally grateful. you know... in ways you can't even imagine. and also i hope there's no hard feelings about me moving out. i honestly hope we can find someone you guys are cool with. it's just that the thought of moving back into i.v. and back into that house kind of turns my stomach. anyway, i hope everything is going well with your respective lives -- and i hope the sword collection is as shiny as ever.

thanks in advance,

one more thing: honestly, if you guys know anybody who might need a place to live that you're already friends with, give him my number. i'd rather you guys live with somebody you already know than a total stranger, especially given my personal track record with subleasers. i shudder.
And seriously — if anybody else knows of someone who's needing shelter for winter and spring of the coming school year, please contact me. I'm moving on up.

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