Sunday, October 10, 2004

The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel

Ah, You tell me such wonderful information, like who's visiting my site, how long they spend here and what they've Googled to lead them here. The last is easily the most interesting. Some notable examples:
So if nothing else, I take pleasure in the fact that I've wasted at least this many people's time. None of these searchers were trying to access my ramblings — for sure not the guy who wanted pictures of Vivica A. Fox doing anal — but they found the Cereal Box anyway just because some random combination of my words jived with their search keywords. Good to know I'm contributing to the polluted mess of words that is the internet.

What I find flattering is that not everybody just leaves. Freestats tells me how long people spend on the site, and a lot of them quickly realize that I'm just talking about "Kill Bill" and video games and why I hate my roommates and leave within ten seconds. Some stay. Some read and I think that's kind of cool. It actually prompts me to write on as diverse an array of topics as I possibly could in order to trick as many people as possible into reading me — though, I admit, I'll still talk about Beatrix and Birdo a lot.

Oh, and in the past month, about twenty-one people have found this site by finding my Blogger profile, presumably by Googling my name.

I know this is self-absorption at its peak, but I can't help be fascinated by how people are getting to me. Once again, that's

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