Sunday, August 15, 2004

Heavenly Bodies

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This morning before I headed back to Hollister, Jill reminded me an a night sophomore year when we were watching a movie — David Lynch film, I’ll wager. When the movie finished at like two in the morning or something we hit stop and the screen went to the last fifteen minutes of this movie, this lale-late-late night feature.

What we remembered:

We saw what clearly was the climax of an 80s film centered around a jazzercise studio and some weird jazzercise marathon. We pieced together that the heroine was fighting for ownership of the jazzercise studio from some evil guy who wanted to take it over or destroy it or give it cancer or something. Though sweat drenched her neon leotard, she was energetically hopping about in the fashion of some horrible bastard child of exercise and dancing. She fatigued for a moment, but then a second win propelled her limbs into more jazzercising. The jazzercise studio was saved.

Or at least that’s how we remembered it. We had just harrowed a full-length Lynch and we were likely drunk and we had only seen the last fifteen minutes. But as we talked about it this morning, that’s how we remembered it. That, plus some tiny inkling of a memory that had somehow escaped death by alcohol consumption and reminded me that the movie maybe might possible be called “Heavenly Bodies.” Maybe.

What IMDb said:
A small "Dance-ercize" studio fights for its existence against the unscrupulous owner of a rival club. The conflict boils down to a "Dance Marathon" to settle the score.
So despite the time, the briefness of the clip we saw and the considerable handicap of being drunk, we nailed it. Incidentally, IMDB allows for user reviews.

What IMDb also said:
This movie has been admired by few and scorned by many. Which is why I never listen to people who hold a narrow view of what they consider to be a "good," movie. Typically, most people like only a certain type of movie or only like a movie because it has a certain star in it, so to them, it is of high quality. The only advice I have to offer is not to listen to "critics," if it is even fair to call them that, because generally when they say a particular movie is good, it's not. When they say a particular movie is bad, it isn't. Let me set the record straight about this movie.......Heavenly Bodies is a story about believing in yourself, following your dreams and refusing to give up no matter how many obstacles are thrown your way. Cynthia Dale, a talented actress and dancer, shines as the star of this movie. Tired of the typical 9-5 office job (as we all are), Samantha, a young mother and secretary, follows her heart and opens her own workout club along with the help of her two best friends. But this is not your ordinary workout club with your standard exercise equipment. No, Sam uses a much different approach. One that is unique. One that is fun. And everyone loves her as head instructor. When a jealous rival tries to put an end to her growing business, Sam does not take it lying down. She fights back and challenges her competitors to a televised workout marathon. Winner takes all! And of course, what movie would be complete without a love interest? Sam also finds a second chance at love but even that is put to the test. Samantha's happiness, success and dreams are all riding on her ability to withstand a grueling physical contest that also tests her determination, emotional strength and capacity for love. A real, feel-good movie. A movie that one may like to watch when they are down or feeling sad. But make no mistake, one may also like watching this because it's just a great movie all around. One of my personal favorites!
A gem of comedy, far beyond anything I could ever write. Probably even funnier than watching the actual movie. According to IMDB, this user has reviewed this film, a TV movie called “Trapped” and several of the Halloween movies. If I’m bored tomorrow, maybe I’ll email him or her or it and tell them that they deserve to have their keyboard smashed, their television set confiscated and their legs broken so they can’t get to the video store and rent another movie, lest they be tempted to form an opinion about it and try to write it and employ quotation marks with such egregious liberalness.

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