Sunday, August 15, 2004

Fourteen Small Coincidences, Six of Which Are Not Detailed in This Post

[ the first of three related posts ]
last minute i decided to head up to napa to hang out with jill because hanging in hollister is starting to slow my brain function to seventy-five percent of normal capacity and while i was there we decided to meet up with brie because she just happened to be in the city the same weekend (1) and while i was there i decided to call my san fran locals: marisa and david and raymond and monica and josh but not palmy palma because i totally blanked and forgot to call her but i totally will the next time i go.

jill and i ended up trying to meet josh at amoeba, which is the same amoeba where alex alex old artsweek editor alex works (2) and i randomly saw kcsb kevin (3) as he was pawing through a rack of records and we talked about the nexus and kcsb and marisa and petracca. eventually, josh texted me that he was not at amoeba but a at a white lotus or siam lotus or some other kind of lotus or something and on the way out jill and i randomly spotted this guy jill and i met at a bar in sonoma we were at the night before (4) where he made out with jill’s friend before he puked. he's an ozzie whose name was also josh (5) and he randomly went to the city the same day we did. i credit my elementary education with where’s waldo with giving me the power to pick out one skinny white guy at a hipster music store swarming with skinny white guys and jill gave him her friend's number on a business card i got from the counselor at school who coincidentally had filled the card with the names and numbers of psychiatrists in santa barbara (6) so the ozzie now has telephone access to the girl plus several mental health practitioners throughout the greater santa barbara area.

the lotus in question turned out to be a thai place that jill’s friend identified as the place that made her throw up once (7) and josh’s friend is a dead ringer for susa (8). we headed out but in the same direction because josh’s friend lived a block from where jill and i were staying.

we never caught up with brie.

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