Monday, August 09, 2004

Bound for the Floor

A letter.
My dear Edith,

Thanks for writing. Sorry I didn't write back sooner but I've been kind of down lately. I moved out of Santa Barbara for the rest of the summer. I just couldn't deal with being there without all my friends around. It was a lot harder than I thought. Plus my new roommates moved in and they had bath pillows and sword collections and weird kimono bathrobes. Needless to say, it was a living nightmare that threatened to chip away my sanity like some kind of terrible... chipping monster. So I live in Hollister now. It's not so bad, what with the apricots and the quail. I guess I'm excited about Washington. It just hasn't sunk in yet. I leave September 18, at night. I just bought the plane tickets today. I hope your job search goes well and all that. Cheers on not getting the job teaching Catholic sexuality, though I think you should look into becoming a nun. Black and white might suit you. A movie called "Night of the Iguana" is showing right now. I'm going to watch that. Doesn't that sound fun?

All my loving,

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