Thursday, July 22, 2004

String Bean Jean

The two most common slang terms for vagina (by my count), both have connections to fuzzy animals. Everyone's all over "pussy." That's obvious. But "cunt" also has bestial relations. According to some sources, "cunt" has a now out-of-use variant "cunny," which is an old English term for a rabbit — and, also, the per-gynger. The connection exists more strongly today in the Spanish "conejo," which can mean both "cunt" and "rabbit."

What I dug even more, however, is tracing the work back to the Latin. The Latin variant is "cuniculus." I don't know whether the Latin has the vagina connection, but as Sanam points out, it does bear a striking aural resemblance to Bunnicula, the name of a vampire rabbit in a series of kids' books — the first of which is simply called Bunnicula — I read when I was a kid. I always thought Bunnicula's name came from the (sexy) union of "bunny" and "Dracula," but I guess there's more to it than I thought.

Cats and rabbits aside, my favorite term for the organ in question — and that would make a great name for a novel, The Organ in Question — has got to be "pudendum" — literally "the shame."

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