Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The Good Dale Is in the Lodge and Can't Leave

Maybe because I work in an old church. Maybe because it's always just a little foggy and shady when I walk through the door. Maybe because I have to wear a nice shirt when I go in. But something about my other job reminds me of England. And I hate it less now.

More mysteriously, somebody sent me an appropriate if perplexing and anonymous birthday present: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Like, a book made up to look like the one Laura hides and gives to Harold Smith to keep. The one Donna and Maddy find, right before Maddy dies. Jennifer Lynch, apparently, took it upon herself to write it all out, up to the end — les 7 derniers jours de Laura Palmer, as the Cannes poster for "Fire Walk With Me" above my desk reads. It's a suitable gift for me, but I can't imagine who would have thought to find that this book existed, much less sent it to me.

Thanks, if you're reading this now.

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