Friday, May 07, 2004

Vindicated — Again

I've just learned that the Nexus Weatherhuman has also lept to my defense in what has arisen in the wake of my "sex clone" column. Quoth the 'Human:
I’d like to use today’s space to clear a colleague’s name. He wrote a column last week imagining the glorious sexual possibilities presented by cloning. He soon received a hate letter saying men like him are the reason women are mistreated around the world.

I know the individual in question, and it’s just not true. He treats every one of his mamas like royalty, and calls almost all of them by their first names.

Wednesday’s forecast: Learn how to take a joke. You expect Mxxxxx to put in 18 years raising a clone so he can screw it? I’ve never seen the guy put in more than an hour for sex
I'd just like to know why I got singled out in all this, instead of Other Drew.

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