Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Last Sticky Floor

[ the last of four tangentially related short stories about Drew ]

The Get-Drunk-and-Fall-Down Prom went off without a hitch. Smaller turnout than expected, but no randoms. Plus wearing nice clothes put people on better behavior. Funny, how putting people in trash bags and newspaper turn them into party monsters. You are what you wear. And few Nexites showed up, which probably helped the social factor. Those that did, like Brenna and Danny, had never been to my house before

When people shuffled off, though, I got a little sad — and not only because I was drunk. That was the last party I’ll ever have when all my friends are living in Isla Vista. Everyone’s leaving soon. I’m staying. I’m staying.

I feel like everything's going to change. I feel like I'm losing something. Even though I know I'll be fine, I feel like everyone will leave and all I'll have is pictures and drunk-fuzzy memories like ghosts.

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