Sunday, May 23, 2004

Inedible Turnover

[ the third of four tangentially related short stories about Drew ]

The Nexus staff box has changed in the way it does during the last week of production every spring quarter. Oddly, my consternation isn’t with the name in my old position. Despite what the rumblings of disgruntled ex-Nexites might indicate, Meghan’s totally capable of doing as good a job as Cory or I did — and with a full quarter’s worth of layout and editorial experience, she’s actually better off than I was when I moved into that corner office one year ago.

No, what gets to me is working at Artsweek. Granted, I’ve worked for Artsweek for two years now, but some deep-seated respect for Jessica’s privacy makes me feel snoopy going through her section of Master Yoda’s file directory and writing “ARTS” in the section box of the copy log. Artsweek is Jessica’s deal — or at least Kami’s or Sara’s or all the other people who worked in that part of the office. Not mine.

Beyond that, I feel funny working with Brenna and Danny for just two weeks before I escape the Nexus until the first month of the new year.

Brenna and Danny have been going out for six years, which means that they became a couple around the time I started dating Jessica Number One. That whole mess seems like another lifetime on another planet. But I guess somethings can actually last that long.

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