Saturday, May 08, 2004

Hang in There, Little Guy

kidicarus222: i have the crab
kidicarus222: only on, though
kidicarus222: his name is captain pinchy
Toconut B: ahhh, from where?
kidicarus222: your friend's work
Toconut B: ahh, was she there?
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: but i bought the crab all the same
Toconut B: cool
kidicarus222: i gonna put it in the tub way late
Toconut B: so when does hte shit go down?
kidicarus222: like
kidicarus222: 3 or 4 in the morning
kidicarus222: because i want them asleep
Toconut B: ahhh, but they are in LA!?
kidicarus222: wait
kidicarus222: who is?
Toconut B: aren't gill and Meggs in LA?
kidicarus222: no
Toconut B: really? they didn't go?
kidicarus222: i saw meghan this evening when i drove by
kidicarus222: and jill is with lee
Toconut B: ahhh, ok
kidicarus222: but moe is gone
kidicarus222: but three's enough
kidicarus222: i hope captain pinchy makes it
kidicarus222: i actually kind of feel bad for the little thing, ugly as he is
Toconut B: can you get the saltwater right?
kidicarus222: i got a big pot of saltwater from the beach, so he's cool right now
Toconut B: ok
kidicarus222: and then it won't be long before i put him in the tub until they find him
Toconut B: if you're sure they are there?
kidicarus222: they'll be there
kidicarus222: at least one of them has to be asleep in her bed by 3 this morning
kidicarus222: right?
Toconut B: ok, good luck to you and cap'n punchy
kidicarus222: it's "pinchy," but thanks