Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Girl

[ the second of four tangentially related short stories about Drew ]

So Danny, Brenna’s other assistant, did this story about this art class, DIT Style, who showcased their stuff this weekend in Echo Park. While I was looking up the class’s website to verify-clarify-(not rarify) a line in the piece when I realized that I knew a lot of the people in the class. Like Maggie. Or the girl.

This girl, see, is a bit of a mystery. She’s evaded any mention in the Cereal Box simply because I had no idea how to spell her name. And my grammatical instincts won’t permit me to print a name if I can’t check its spelling.

But I know now. And I like the name. It’s spelled exactly how I wanted it to be.

I wonder how different a vibe Artsweek will have with Jessica gone and with Brenna in the pilot’s seat. I wonder how the entire office will change.

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