Tuesday, May 04, 2004


The real letter from Snatchy McCuntface:
Editor, Daily Nexus,

This is in response to Drew Mxxxxx’s opinion on human cloning in “Cloning Opens Up a New World of Possibilities — in Bed” (Daily Nexus, April 29). I am disgusted with Mxxxxx’s intense desire for a female sex slave, a brand new human being to fuck and only fuck. Women are much more than bodies created for the pleasure of horny men who for obvious reasons do not have the relationship skills to be with a woman, and have sex with her.

It is men like Mxxxxx who contribute to the black market involving prostitution and the selling of women’s bodies. So thank you, Mxxxxx, for your intelligent views on human cloning for the purpose to sexual gratification of men like you.

This is a rather disagreeable person who has sent in complaints to the paper before. In fact, she's the person I parodied in one of my phony letters to the editor for the April Fool's Day Nexus this year. Check this link and scroll down to the second-to-last letter. Andrea Wafflet — that's her.

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