Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Anonymous Recipient, Signed Sender


I don't get it. Why go through the trouble of printing all these cards and then inserting them in mailboxes illegally during the night, only to lead your readers to the conclusion that you feel guilty about being a liberal because of your economic background? Is that it? Is that what you want me to conclude?

Your last card asks for my thoughts. I haven't got much to say, honestly. Obviously, this whole thing means a lot to you, but not enough for you to give us one reason why you did it. You dump this in our laps, this vaguely anti-liberal, anti-college sentiment... and what?

I used to wonder what this whole campaign was about: where you were heading and how you selected the mailboxes you put the cards in. I used to wonder what relationship the weird pictures on the opposite side of the card had. I had questions I wanted to ask you, but to draw us into your story so far and then just end the way it did, leaving us feeling bad for no clear reason.

Well, I'm disappointed.


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