Wednesday, May 12, 2004


surfer taryn: hey drew
kidicarus222: hey taryn
surfer taryn: so....this thing you are doing to us.....
kidicarus222: yes
surfer taryn: is it going to ruin anything?
kidicarus222: your psyches
surfer taryn: is it going to take place while we are trying to move out?
kidicarus222: it will take place when you least expect it
surfer taryn: it better not consist of anything living, or once was living....because well, ask katie and meghan what i said i'd do to you
kidicarus222: give me kisses and hugs?
kidicarus222: bake me a cake?
kidicarus222: buy me a present?
kidicarus222: (stop me when i guess it)
surfer taryn: what is this crab business?
kidicarus222: i heard you got crabs
kidicarus222: that sucks
kidicarus222: you should be more careful
surfer taryn: hahaha very funny.....i'm very nervous about this....and especially since i don't like my house for the most part....i don't think this will help

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