Monday, April 26, 2004

On the Reading Habits of Our Local Homeless

I think I have a decent chance of getting into UCDC, because the guy that interviewed me today told me that I should apply to The Washington Post and National Geographic and that Washington D.C. would have a lot of opportunities for me. From that, I'd judge that I did at least well enough to not get disqualified outright because it would be way fucked up to tell me about all the opportunities the program had when he knew he wasn't going to admit me. That, or the guy's a sadistic jerk.

Also, I mailed this letter to an past teacher today:
Dr. Loftus,

Two things. First, I wanted to apologize for saying hi to you in the grocery store a few weeks back. I know you hate that.

Secondly and more importantly, I was walking down State Street and I saw a bum sitting on the bench outside the art museum. He was asleep, but he had a pile of books next to him. The top book looked way newer than the others and had the title "The Passion of Brian Loftus" — you know, like "The Passion of the Christ," only with your name in place of Jesus'. I thought this was very odd. All Amazon will tell me is that it's magic realism. In any case, I was wondering if you've ever heard of the book. I know this is totally out of nowhere, but it struck me as a meaningful coincidence and I thought I'd ask you about it.


Will I get into UCDC? Will Dr. Loftus think I'm crazy? Does the bum have a book with my name on it?