Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Lena, Leto and Joe Christmas


Having written a column, laid out a double truck, and drawn a comic strip, I'm beginning to recall how I hated the Nexus last spring. Additionally, my grasp of Flash is shaky at best and I'm not even a fifth through Light in August, though I like Joe Christmas and I think Lena is Leto, what with the twins and all. Could she be both Leto and a Mary Magdalene figure at the same time? George Washington Carver's replacement has also died, which I'm okay with since I never bothered to name him, and the pet store says to bleach the bowl so subsequent fish don't mold to death like the last two did. And I finally learned about the use of the subjunctive in English ("I wish I were going" instead of "I wish I was going"). Ack indeed.

1 comment:

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