Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Ball. Of. Sunshine.

For your notes, this conversation is in reference to the previous post, "Bunny," the flaw in which I have since corrected.

supersanam: I just read your blog thinger
supersanam: and just to clarify
supersanam: in valmont, cecile is played by fairuza balk, and in dangerous liaisons, she's played by uma thurman
supersanam: michelle pfeiffer plays madame des volanges
supersanam: the innocent god fearing woman who hoes it with valmont
kidicarus222: now my credibility is ruined!
supersanam: not to be picky, but I'd hate to think your journalistic integrity is being compromised by misinformation
kidicarus222: umm... was everything else right, now that i think about it?
supersanam: nothing else stood out as being wrong
kidicarus222: by the way, i'm changing correcting the wrong parts
kidicarus222: and done
supersanam: nice to see john mahoney getting props
kidicarus222: you should be a copy editor
supersanam: I should be a lot of things
supersanam: but correcting stuff is fun, if you ever need a second opinion on something
kidicarus222: okay
kidicarus222: read my whole journal and correct the wrong parts
supersanam: oh god no
kidicarus222: but correcting is fun!
supersanam: well, relatively
kidicarus222: but anyway
kidicarus222: never refrain from your criticism
kidicarus222: and always be the little ball of sunshine you are
kidicarus222: you ever watch roseanne?
kidicarus222: you remind me of darlene
kidicarus222: in a good way
supersanam: that's fucked up!
kidicarus222: take a poll
kidicarus222: everyone will agree
supersanam: if I'm darlene then you're dj
kidicarus222: no, i'm david
supersanam: whoa that's a low blow
kidicarus222: if anyone on the show, i'm him
supersanam: david is one of the worst characters in the history of television
kidicarus222: no
kidicarus222: you are wrong
kidicarus222: actually, if i'm anyone on that show, i'm jackie
supersanam: haha agreed
supersanam: cory is heather matarazzo
kidicarus222: cory is nancy
supersanam: I think that's a pretty accurate assumption in general
kidicarus222: you made the blog
supersanam: honored
supersanam: its good to see my name in print but then I suppose I'm preaching to the choir on that one
kidicarus222: i hate my name in print
kidicarus222: i'm starting a pseudonym
supersanam: uh oh
supersanam: what?
kidicarus222: milton x. thunderstamp
supersanam: what's the x for?
kidicarus222: xanadu
supersanam: then it just looks like milton times thunderstamp
kidicarus222: milton x. thunderstamp
supersanam: kublai khan or olivia newton-john?
kidicarus222: citizen kane
supersanam: ahh