Monday, December 22, 2003

Shining, Streaming, Gleaming, Flaxen, Waxin'


So I found this nifty little website that tells you what webpages link to what webpages. Just type in a web address and BAM! You know who's telling people you're cool. So I slapped in the Cereal Box's address.

The first one is the girl who keeps this site, a blog entitled either nerdy*itch or Superficial Nice Girl. A nice girl, I think, with an Audrey fixation (Hepburn/Tautau). She put me one notch above the Onion! Hey hey! I tried sending her a nice email inquiring who she was and how she found out about me, but it bounced back. Nice lady: if you can read this, IM me at kidicarus222. We should talk.

Less pleasantly, I also got a shout out from the guy who keeps a blog called The Great Satan Quarterly. Huh. His email didn't bounce back. Should be interesting.

And finally, the only other unknown was some guy running a site called Kid B.

Online weirdness.

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