Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Porpoise Song

One last tied-up plot thread before the end of the year.

nerdyitch: hello! anyone there?
kidicarus222: hello?
nerdyitch: i read your blog
kidicarus222: who is this?
nerdyitch: and i thought i'd say hello
nerdyitch: i'm one of your "fans"
kidicarus222: oh!
kidicarus222: hey
kidicarus222: yeah, i read yours too
nerdyitch: oh cool
kidicarus222: yeah, have i met you?
nerdyitch: no sir
nerdyitch: i don't think i have
kidicarus222: oh
kidicarus222: i was just wondering how you ever came accross my page
kidicarus222: these things interets me
nerdyitch: its interesting stuff
nerdyitch: but i found it on the side of the main blogger website
kidicarus222: ah
nerdyitch: yeah random
kidicarus222: can i ask why you linked to me?
nerdyitch: my friends are dorks like me, so i thought they'd like it too
kidicarus222: ah
kidicarus222: well i'm glad you like it
kidicarus222: it makes me happy to know if anybody's reading this
nerdyitch: thanks, sorry for intruding in your life
nerdyitch: :D
kidicarus222: oh no
kidicarus222: it's totally cool
kidicarus222: honestly, i'm flattered
nerdyitch: aren't you a writer or something though?
kidicarus222: reporter
kidicarus222: yeah
kidicarus222: what do you do?
nerdyitch: i'm just a college student
nerdyitch: studying bio
kidicarus222: where at?
nerdyitch: ucla
kidicarus222: cool
kidicarus222: i'm at ucsb
nerdyitch: oh nice
nerdyitch: is it true what they say?
kidicarus222: what do they say?
nerdyitch: univ of sex and beer?
kidicarus222: well yeah
kidicarus222: but you can get an education too
kidicarus222: i did, anyway
kidicarus222: they also say "u can stay buzzed"
kidicarus222: which you could, if you wanted
nerdyitch: hehehe